Writing for Cameron by Orion


Cameron Collage

Autobiographical Incident
By Orion Jensen

I woke up as my alarm buzzed in my ear and my mom said, “Orion, get up and shut that alarm off.”
“Give me a second,” I yelled so she could hear me. I rolled out of bed half dressed and I felt the cold nip on my body as I walked out the door. My mom was in the kitchen and from the smell of cinnamon I could tell that she was cooking French toast, which was normal for my house.
“Mom,” I said, “I’m going to take a shower OK?” That ended with what most teenagers do to get ready for school: shower, deodorant, get dressed, that sort of stuff.
As I walked into the living room I slipped on my sandals and walked my dog down the street. I heard nothing but a few crickets and an owl. As I walked up the long driveway back to my house I realized how gloomy it was. It was dark and silent. Well, as silent as it gets at 6:30.
I walked into the house and felt a wave of heat that washed over me. As I walked down the small stairs from the living room to the kitchen table with the French toast, I sat down and started getting ready to eat.
My mom called out from her room, “Orion eat your food and get ready to go. We leave in 20 minutes.”
“OK,” I said.
Just before I started on my French toast the phone rang. I thought nothing of it and could hear as my mom said in a cheery voice, “Oh, hi Allison.”
Then I heard her sob and I ran into her room with my dog close at my heels.
“What’s wrong?” I said is I hugged my mom trying to comfort her .
Through her sobs I heard, “Cameron…died.”
I felt the tears brim over my eyes and as they rolled down my cheeks I hugged my mom. Sadness spilled out of my body and with my dog next me I sat there and cried.
This day, I don’t remember anything after that I can tell you. I can’t tell you if I cried my eyes out or sat there numb and so that’s all I remember.
I woke up the next day and went to school with a hallow heart.

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