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Drea Jensen Art Show

By Orion M. Jensen

In northern California, January 13th, 2012 at Café Brio, Drea Jensen had her first art show in Arcata.  Drea is an intuitive abstract artist and was very happy to see Café Brio overflowing with art and food lovers.  Her exhibit contained original paintings such as Veracity 2011, and Perception 2011; and framed prints Muse of Fire 2011 and Money Honey 2011.  Each painting has a special story and a meaning hiding inside it.  Just ask the artist and you will find out. 

Perception 2011

Rosemary Allen: Spiraling Path


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Spiraling Path

by Artist Rosemary Allen

My soul’s journey continues to lead me through a spiraling path as I endeavor to embody the natural world through the eyes of an artist. As a naturalist guiding others through our uplands and wetlands in SW Florida, wonder calls my name and I feel that I am a part of the ecosystems that surround me. Local flora and fauna become my neighbors and friends but the memories of old gardens long past often remain with me. My paintings and drawings are an out pouring of these connections that I experience. Guides in all shapes and sizes appear and disappear depending on the seasons and time of day. The flux of this life is intoxicating as is my yearning to express myself through line, shape and form. And, hopefully, that may guide you to the next discovery about yourself. Sometimes I get to a place in a painting where I want to stop because I’m not ready to finish. So I sit with it and go back to drawing parts of the image until the vision for the painting becomes clearer. This is where I find the opportunity for both reflection and for perfecting my techniques. Living my life as an artist means to keep those portals of wonder open for myself and hopefully for others. You never know what work of art will guide you to a nuance in nature that your heart always hoped would be there! As my young niece said when she blew her first dandelion seed head into the air, “I’ve been waiting my whole life to do that!”

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