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Art Show


Join northern California abstract artist Drea Jensen for the unveiling of Virtual Artist Altar: Creating a virtual altar to honor our artist selves within. Her current show entitled Money Honey can be viewed as a part of Arts! Arcata at Café Brio on 791 G Street, January 13, 2012 from 5pm to 9pm.

Drea is an intuitive artist. “Our intention is to use our creativity to create abundance and share our art with the world. When we trust our Money Honey we are empowered, creative beings that are active and our abundance flows. We have what we need to put our work in a sacred place…a virtual gallery.”

Drea began painting in 2002, and her paintings express, acknowledge and celebrate her self expression as an artist, and encourages others to express their unique selves. “In each painting I am committed to creating sacred space, portals into imagination using abstract expression, color and texture. My paintings express an internal landscape that provokes emotions.”

Be Creative


Point A Showroom

“Here’s to the ability to be creative and professional…how lucky we all are!”

Student Art


My name is Nya Larson and this is a picture of my teacher Andrea.  I made this picture at home out of pastels.  We do art in our classroom too.




During the week we will create a mandala using an artistic technique that appeals to us and pay attention to how creating this circle ritual feels.  As we meditate on our art, what insights do circles reveal about us and our journey?  Where would we like to invite more sacred space into our life and how does creating mandalas help us create artistic change in our lives?



To see the greatness of a mountain, one must keep one’s distance;
To understand its form, one must move around it;
To experience its moods, one must see it at sunrise and sunset,
At noon and at midnight, in sun and in rain,
In snow and in storm, in summer and in winter
And in all the other seasons
She who can see the mountain like this comes near to the life of the mountain.

Mountains grow and decay, they breathe and pulsate with life.
They attract and collect invisible energies from their surroundings
The forces of the air, of the water, of electricity and magnetism;
They create winds, clouds, thunderstorms, rains, waterfalls
And rivers. They fill their surroundings with active life and give shelter and food to innumerable beings.

Such is the greatness of mighty mountains.

~ Lama Govinda




Solace 2007

Dear Drea Jensen Supporters,
I have sold my first painting Solace 2007 to a customer in New York through Drea Jensen Gallery and I am so excited! So thankful for this journey of Blooming Artist! I am blooming, it is happening! Yes!!!
Drea Jensen