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Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus 2013

Eye of Horus 2013

The Eye of Horus

The Falcon flies brightly, soaring before us,
High above blue of the Nile- the old way dies…
Enter the power of the new God Child Horus!

Eager his crown from above watching the skies…
Youthful the child of Isis grows ever strong.
Enshrined in ties of the past – a bloodline of lies.

Osiris long slain – blood calls for vengeance!
Father your true son succeeds you – Hear my cries!

His missing eye gazes, coldly disguising
Over the truth of Thoth’s Ibis domain.
Rightful the temple that cleanses desolation
Under the strength of the missing eye rising,
Set slinks impotent back to his wastes – there to remain.