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What people are saying…


Awakening 2010

“Drea’s painting first caught my attention when I viewed ‘Awakening‘ over a year ago. I am in my own process of awakening to my creative spirit and immediately felt connected to this artist and openings to possibility. Her journey to recognize and develop her talents both as an artist and entrepreneur have truly inspired me to go forward with my own venture!”

~ Rosemary Allen 

Connection 2003

“I am so totally pleased with my painting ‘Connection‘, it hangs prominently in my living room. What a joy to have it greet me daily.  Always as I gaze upon it I am delighted to discover the colors, movement, and beauty it offers anew to me. Drea Jensen is a bold Northern California Artist. I thank you Drea for your joyful art work!”

~ Erica Nickerson

“Drea’s work is filled with vitality, movement, possibility and passion. There is a quality of her work that seems very familiar, as if one has ‘been’ to that destination before but is seeing it with new eyes.”

~ Shiloh Sophia McCloud
“Drea has the  depth of ability to get the essence of the experince she is expressing. Her art is a bold statement of the movement inherent in all.  Drea wields her brush with focused perception and a power that engages your heart and soul.”
~ Teresa von Braun

Cameron Varnell


Our friend Cameron Varnell

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver

Dear Drea Jensen Supporters,

When you buy a print or painting from Drea Jensen Art 10% of the profits will go to Cameron Varnell. Money raised will encourage and celebrate his healing.

As a teacher at a small school in Southern Humboldt County, I come to know my students very well. One child that I have become very close to is Cameron Varnell, who is working at being a survivor of childhood leukemia.

I first met Cameron when he and my son were on the same Little League baseball team. What struck me about Cam was his bright smile, twinkling eyes, soft southern drawl and amazing pitching talent. He was dedicated to playing baseball, had great team spirit, and genuinely cared about the other baseball players.

We were concerned when he missed the last game, and quickly became alarmed when he was diagnosed with leukemia. He was urgently admitted to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. Our immediate response was to organize a fundraiser for Cam at the Little League field by having a home run derby, and having children play baseball in his honor. This fundraiser was successful in raising money and giving children a chance to participate and help with his healing.

Cameron came back to us cancer-free and we couldn’t have been happier. We all felt so fortunate to have him back with us. My son and he became friends, enjoying being 10 and 11-year old boys.

Unfortunately, in September 2011, Cameron’s cancer came back a third time. He is now back in Memphis facing another successful bone marrow transplant and we are so happy that he will get an additional chance. Your donation will lift Cameron’s spirits and help him continue his recovery.

Drea Jensen

“I’m glad for them saving my life once and I hope they can do it again. I know they will do it again.” ~ Cameron Varnell

A Tennessee news channel, WRCB, interviewed Cameron for a story about St. Jude:

Drea Jensen Art


“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” ~ Amelia Earhart

It is an amazing thing how I have more ENERGY after I work on my paintings.  I give thanks for the creative process as it gives me the endurance to finish my work, courage to celebrate my initiation as an artist, and the strength to show up and share my artwork as a gift.  I trust that sharing Drea Jensen Art with you is bringing me closer to my higher calling and my artist self, teaching me to promote my paintings, and creating a sacred altar space to share with others.  My heart is whispering TRUST, my muse is calling upon me to create, my beauty within is expressed through paint to the canvas with LOVE.
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