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Heart Place

Heart Place 2013

Heart Place 2013

Even at such a young age,

and even as just an observer, this I can state as true:

Cameron knows pure hearted love.

Cameron knows the passion of community support.

Cameron knows real and playful friendship.

Cameron knows what it means to fight, to struggle, to have faith, to try again, to believe.

Wow. What a life! If we could all be so blessed.

What a sage this young man is to share his sweet self with us.

Let us find the strength to celebrate such a good life. A life that has been full, beautiful, complete.


Let us recognize this life as an opportunity to live more fully and authentically.

Like Cameron.

What a wonderful teacher this young man is for all of us.

~ Bridget McBride

Flower of Life


Flower of Life II – Georgia O’Keeffe

Turning Madness Into Flowers #1

If my sorrow were deeper
I’d be, along with you, under
the ocean’s floor;
but today I learn that the oil
that pools beneath the ocean floor
is essence
of all our
our ancestors who have died and turned to oil
without our witness
eons ago.
We’ve always belonged to them.
Speaking for you, hanging, weeping, over the water’s edge
as well as for myself.
It is our grief
heavy, relentless,
us, however resistant,
to the decaying and rotten
bottom of things:
our grief bringing
us home.

Alice Walker