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Money Honey 2011 By Drea Jensen


“Our  intention is to use our creativity to create abundance and share our art with the world.  When we trust our Money Honey we are empowered, creative beings who are active and our abundance flows.  We have what we need to put our work in a sacred place…a virtual gallery.” ~ Drea Jensen

Drea Paintings 2002-2011


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Red Sand Beach 2002  Living next to the ocean and the pristine beauty of nature inspired this artwork.  An imaginary seashore with sunset coloring.

Reverence 2004  This painting expresses my high opinion for the feminine form.  When we worship the goddess within there is reverence.

Solace 2007  The harmony that comes from feeling consoled, held by the universe.  An abstract expression of solace.

Spirit 2007  Thinning of the veils between worlds is the feeling invoked in this painting.  The spirit behind the universe comes through.

Drea Paintings 2002-2011


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Arrival 2002  The blue triangles and trapezoids represent peace and joy, a meditation on color and shape.  A moment of reconciliation when the body and mind relax into spirit.

Awakening 2010  This feminine point of view includes a surfboard on the beach in tropical Baja.  The desert scenery invokes renewal.




When meaningful experiences



And find strength

The energy overflows

Provides infinite love

~ A well deep as our souls.

Generous hands lift up our spirits

Guidance whispers in our ears,

“The Universe is on your side!”

Blessings multiply

We are loved

Complete with healing wings

Ready for flight.

By Drea Jensen

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