Another everyday

Orion Strong

14 mo and 3 days after being diagnosed with AML leukemia, 15 year old, Orion Strong has decided to enjoy his remaining days to the fullest at home.

Another Everyday Poem
By Mary Oliver


Every day

I consider

the lilies-

how they are dressed-


and the ravens-

how they are fed-

and how each of these

is a miracle


of Lord-love

and of sorrow-

for the lilies

in their bright dresses


cannot last

but wrinkle fast

and fall,

and the little ravens


in their windy nest

rise up

in such pleasure

at the sight


of fresh meat

that makes their lives sweet-

and what a puzzle it is

that such brevity-


the lavish clothes,

the ruddy food-

makes the world

so full, so good.

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