Inspiration by Rosemary Allen

Inspiration by Rosemary Allen

Mystical Migration
by Rosemary Allen

The verse opens up
And I find myself floating.
I see my soul.

Not waiting for an invitation to fill void or a need
Not today
I am hungry now for more than food and shelter.

With Desire propelling me forward
With the force of Gravity
My large wings spread wide lifting my heavy loads;
Lingering sorrows, self doubt, guilt

Transforming their illusion of safety
Into a distant memory of lack
(Or were those struggles my fertile void?)

Now, I glide through an open expanse
Bathed in my few found perspective
A star dome of abundance always before me
Dark energy now seen,
Turns to Insight

I rotate my twin tails
Letting my intuition, skills and love hold my heading
And with gratitude, I soar

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