Power of Women



This Work of Women by Shiloh McCloud

Yes. It is time for a revolution of women and path,
women and money, women and business, women and art,
women and marketplace.
We do not choose to give away
our works for nothing.
We are not starving or frivolous artists.
We are creators whose creations
save lives, heal the world, heal wounds.
This work of women, priestesses and practitioners of every
Your work is vital. Essential. Needed. This work
of women must include creating livelihood. This is
not easy, quick, fun nor likely. This is not accepted
or encouraged. But this is what we must do:
Create and abundance revolution
We must create our own path.
We must create our own money.
We must create art.
We must create our own marketplace.
We must be compensated.
We are creating our own mystical cosmic luminous
overflowing BANK.
A bank that does not cause,
contribute or condone
the suffering of others for profit.
A women’s bank. Believe it. Create it.
Deposit into it. Draw from it.
Invite other women into it.
Enter the income stream in your little
golden boat and dream
and work and pray and play
and do not stop. Keep going.
It will almost always seem impossible.
But we will make miracles.
Miracle are organizing themselves around our dreams
our work, our visions,
right now.
Let us go out, armed with what matters
and the prayers of our grandmothers,

By Shiloh Sophia McCloud, 2008 Copyright – The Heart of the Visionary

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