Sea of Emotion

Phases:  Sea of Emotion

Phases: Sea of Emotion

Sea Of Emotion

Just as a warm smile makes you glow inside
And washes through you like an incoming tide
That travels over sandy footprints and then recedes
Leaving no trace of or evidence that someone had passed that way
So my pain does recede

Just as a hurtful word makes your anger grow
And washes through you like a winters tide on the turn
With crashing waves rushing forward headlong into a seawall
And sending its spray wide, so the anger courses through my body,

Just as a gentle hand upon my shoulder sends peaceful reassurance
And washes through my heart like the sea gently lapping on the shore
Its tranquil sound lulls my senses and brings the peace of a calm seashore

Just as when someone gives a departing wave and leaves you
A sad and empty feeling washes through you like a tide that swiftly withdraws
From the shore to the horizon and disappears from sight,
Leaving a Stretch of sand empty and desolate, but knowing that just as the tide will turn
And once again these waves will wash upon the shore
So too my sad emptiness will only be for a while
And once again you will return like an incoming tide and make me smile.

Frieda Hewitt

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