Sacred Time


A Sacred Time is Upon Us….

By Bridget McBride

We enter the month of February which stems from the Latin word meaning to purify. This is the time of initiations, quickening, and healing.  This is a sacred time to cast spells and make wishes for love, healing, money, and children. Now is the time to invoke, Brigid, the Goddess of Fire, poetry, art, and good harvest.

Let us embody this!

For this sacred time you will need to create a simple ritual that involves fire, purification, and the planting of symbolic seeds.  Be prepared to conduct this ritual during the first three days of February. This is a holy and scared time.  If you cannot think of a ritual you would like to create, please find a candle and use a sharp point to write words of that which you are calling in and then write on slips of paper that which you are releasing and burn them in a bowl.  If you feel inspired, collaborate with other artists to coordinate your rituals. Get inspired by what other artists are doing.

In this ritual clearly enact and identify the following:

* A release of that which does not serve you.   Give this up to the fire!

* The sowing of seeds in your own fertile field of abundance.

* A healing and purification.

For this ritual:

What you are releasing into the fire? 

What you are healing? 

What seeds you are planting? 


Blessed Be!

Muse of Fire 2011 By Drea Jensen

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