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To see the greatness of a mountain, one must keep one’s distance;
To understand its form, one must move around it;
To experience its moods, one must see it at sunrise and sunset,
At noon and at midnight, in sun and in rain,
In snow and in storm, in summer and in winter
And in all the other seasons
She who can see the mountain like this comes near to the life of the mountain.

Mountains grow and decay, they breathe and pulsate with life.
They attract and collect invisible energies from their surroundings
The forces of the air, of the water, of electricity and magnetism;
They create winds, clouds, thunderstorms, rains, waterfalls
And rivers. They fill their surroundings with active life and give shelter and food to innumerable beings.

Such is the greatness of mighty mountains.

~ Lama Govinda





Arrival 2002

“I want to think again of dangerous and noble things…I want to be improbable and beautiful and afraid of nothing as though I had wings.” ~ Mary Oliver



Solace 2007

Dear Drea Jensen Supporters,
I have sold my first painting Solace 2007 to a customer in New York through Drea Jensen Gallery and I am so excited! So thankful for this journey of Blooming Artist! I am blooming, it is happening! Yes!!!
Drea Jensen